The Angel of Tricks

The Angel of tricks steals souls. She goes from victim to victim, only targeting one at a time. She creates psychological trauma for her victims causing them to see hallucinations. The victim is never aware of the angel’s presence until it is too late. One day her victim will be admiring themselves in the mirror and they will think to themselves that they look more beautiful than they ever have in their life. This is actually the angel staring back at them. They will see no flaw on their body. They will be stunned at their own beauty. As a result of their newfound beauty the victim will want to admire themselves in the mirror more and more. They will want to take pictures of themselves, and don’t be fooled the angel is looking back at you through the pictures as well. The Angel claims her victims slowly.

As the victim grows ever fonder of their appearance, the angel will tweak their appearance with something horrifying, but only for a second. As they are gazing upon their own beauty they will suddenly see blood dripping from their eyes or their mouth. They will see themselves missing a limb, or their face contorted in pain. They may see terror stricken eyes or a bleeding wrist. Only for a second. This is meant to psychologically disturb the victim. Even though the victim sometimes sees these terrible images in the mirror, their own vanity gets the best of them, and they become obsessed with the mirror. These slight hallucinations are the warning signs that the angel is watching. As the victim’s obsession for the mirror grows, so does the angels power. Her power over the victim’s soul grows stronger as she becomes able to manipulate the victim

The Victim is driven towards insanity; they start to question everything around them. When the victim is at their weakest, this is when the angel will strike. The victim’s reflection will start to talk to them. She talks through their mouth. She tells them to come close to the mirror, she reaches out their hand to touch them. She will ask them to take their own hand. If the victim reaches back all is lost. Once their hands touch, their souls will switch. The victim will find themselves on the other side of the mirror, staring at the demons face in their body. Then the victim’s soul will be dragged to hell, and the angel will possess the body of her victim.

The angel of tricks comes up from hell to steal people’s souls. She claims victims by driving them insane, and then pulling them into hell.  She then occupies the victim’s body until she grows tired and eventually kills her host body. Then she will search for the next soul.

The Angel of tricks originates from Catholic stories of sins and the devil. She got her name because the story is that she was a fallen angel, who has tricked the devil into allowing her to walk the earth. Her only way of walking the earth is through occupying the body of another. The payment she must make to the devil in order to be allowed this privilege is the souls of the bodies she steals. This story is meant as a warning to children to not become too vain. People can become enraptured in their own appearance. Pride being one of the seven deadly sins. Too much pride or vanity will always end in consequence.

The Angel of Tricks is a demon. She resides in hell and has huge black wings and long flowing black hair. She has a human like body but with long black talons and pitch black eyes. No human is ever able to see her in her true form until they are pulled through the mirror. She is only in her true form when she is in Hell.

My monster shares similarities with horror movies where people get possessed such as the Conjuring, and insidious. The difference being that with my monster you may not escape possession. She may not be exorcised.

The angel of tricks fulfills Cohens third theses; the monster is the Harbinger of category of crisis. This is because nobody can physically see my monster. She only affects one person at a time, and even when she manifests herself, the only thing the person can see is their reflection in the mirror, even though they are really staring into the eyes of the fallen angel. Despite her pretty name, she has a vicious temper. Once she claims a victim she may commit unspeakable acts while in their body. It always ends the same with her host body dying an untimely death when she eventually becomes bored.

The angel of tricks also fulfills Cohen’s 6th category; Fear of the monster is really a kind of desire. The angel of tricks lures people with their own beauty, and then tricks them. The forbidden practice that she uses to lure her victims being vanity.

My monster I think belongs to the world of the uncanny. Her physical form on earth basically manifesting itself as mental illness.


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  1. Scary! I took greek art and archaeology last semester and the ancient greeks of at least 625 bce would always use mythological battles to represent their military triumphs because they didn’t want to actually paint themselves for fear of committing hubris (prideful arrogance). They believed if they represented themselves in art they would be punished by the greek goddess Nemesis, also known as Adrasteia which means “the inescapable”. Its crazy how old and geographically wide reaching this narrative is, I’d be interested to know the multiple origins that informed the narrative of pride being evil because ancient Greeks weren’t Christian. There is definite Christian roots to The Angel of Tricks but I’d also look into greek mythology; Hades who is the God of the underworld, also known as ‘the unseen one’, and even Pluto which means wealthy, since antiquity. So there have been connections with wealth, and beauty, and evil for thousands of years. There are also lists of ‘residents’ of the Greek underworld you can find on google! Really great monster!

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