Discussion of Monsters in University Lectures


I came across this blog post from Arizona State University, which seems similar to what we’re talking about on this one! It was posted around Halloween, and it discusses how it is not the only time of year that we are surrounded by monsters.

As we finish this semester, I believe a lot of our perceptions of monsters have been altered. We think of monsters outside of solely Halloween, and being spooky and scary.

The article states: “When ideas get out of control, you get monsters,” says Cook. “Monsters as an archetype are simply a reflection of some aspect of our human nature greatly magnified to the level of destruction. That is where you get the werewolf, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, or the Hulk—something that’s inside of us that comes out.” I was able to understand this better from when we brought our monsters to class and when we created monsters. Some of us chose monsters that were human and were portrayed as bullies. As well, when we created our monsters 2 weeks ago, there were human monsters with “monstrous” qualities.

What do you think? Has your perception of monsters changed from the beginning of the course to now?



  1. Hi Larissa,

    This is fantastic blog as it it provides us with more information about the monsters that surround us. Personally, my perception about monsters has completely changed from the beginning of the course. When I was preparing for the first assignment “Bring Your Monster to School” it never came across my mind to think about people such as Lady Gaga and how someone like her could be a monster. I was focused on monsters I have been connected with since growing up such as monsters in film and television. It is interesting to compare of what I thought a monster was then to when we were tasked with creating our own monster. After studying monsters in class and discussing them as well, the monster that my group created is incredibly different from what I would have created at the start of this class. It is really interesting to see this change and see how my idea of what constitutes a monster has changed drastically since the beginning of the semester.

    1. Hey guys,

      I think you both bring up great points! As class comes to an end, it’s interesting to see how we have taken everyday examples, like pop stars, and related them the idea of a monster and cyborg.

      Even today with the last seminars discussing what it normal. Moving away from something normal, no matter how small, can be seen as going out of control. People are often quick to shoot something down because it is different – whether it is because it is deviant, or something they do not yet understand.

      To answer your question on monster perception, my idea of what monsters are have definitely changed. What stuck with me most was the idea of “historicity.” There was so much to take in when Professor Boutros introduced voodoo as vodou and its connection to zombies, religion and colonialism. I’m definitely more interested in how classic monsters (mummies, the devil, cyclops, etc) bring out a historicity or even just to learn about their origin story though history.

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