Who is he? Tèras (monster in Greek) is a ancient Greek Monster that was discovered after the book ‘The Haunted Diaries” was found in Rome after a devastating earthquake. Tèras identifies as a male who has similar characteristics to the two pictures shown in this blog. His physical characteristics resemble a tall male, specifically 6… Continue reading TÈRAS 2/2

Téras (1/2)

After a devastating earthquake in Rome, a primordial Greek book was found amidst the rubble with the title Οι Στοιχειωμένο ημερολόγια, translating to The Haunted Diaries in English. Because of the mysteriousness and astounding condition of the book, news about the peculiar discovery made local news headlines as Roman citizens began to wonder about its… Continue reading Téras (1/2)

Transparency in the Revel Perimeter

“What was the point of being himself if he had to be alone?” ― Austin Chant, Peter Darling Transparency in the Revel Perimeter Our climate has shifted drastically over the last century with the rise of industrialization, imperialism, technologies, sciences, and research. In the last quarter century, the privatization of technologies and research has been weaving… Continue reading Transparency in the Revel Perimeter

The Rud 3/3

What would one describe a ghost as? Something that we cannot always necessarily see but may feel its energy in our presence. At first it is no more than a chill in the air or a shimmer of mist. Through it is the furniture and the wallpaper that peels with the rising damp that becomes… Continue reading The Rud 3/3

The Rud 2/3

What do we all fear the most? Is it the inevitable? The unimaginable? Or the just plain unexplainable? Well, this monster is each and every one of those things… The Rud: also referred to as the ‘nothing’ is a much different monster than what we are used to culturally. It embodies all that we fear… Continue reading The Rud 2/3